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Tuftco Corp.

Tuftco Corp.

Tuftco Corp. was founded in 1960 as Southern Machine Company for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing tufting machines to the carpet industry. Tuftco's founders were at the forefront of introducing the broadloom tufting machine to the world.

Tuftco Corp. is the only company in the world that can supply a carpet mill with all of the necessary machinery to take yarn from the tufting process all the way through to finished carpet. The company’s mission is to provide ideas and machinery for customers to develop soft floor covering products that create new and fresh looks for flooring areas in both residential and commercial settings. Our goal is to produce products that will differentiate from existing soft floor coverings, as well as compete with or enhance hard flooring surfaces. This includes broadloom carpet and carpet tile as well.


Contact Name: Mark Harman

Location: 2318 S. Holtzclaw Avenue, Chattanooga TN 37408

Phone Number: (423) 698-8601

Contact Email:

County: Hamilton