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About Made in Tennessee

The goal of the Made in Tennessee program is to support the Volunteer State’s manufacturing community by celebrating the people who are a part of this community as well as raising awareness of the products they produce.

The Made in Tennessee program, started in 2013, is a completely free, membership program that allows registered members to have a profile in a manufacturing directory through which other businesses and customers can locate information about products and services. Members of the program are granted use of the Made in Tennessee logo so that they can proudly display where their products are made. 

Manufacturing is an integral part of Tennessee’s economy and this program aims to support growth, innovation, and job creation in this sector.

A company requesting to use the Made in Tennessee logo on its products or otherwise use it for commercial gain must be a Tennessee manufacturer, defined as “any individual or legal entity engaged in the processing, fabrication, manufacture or other transformation of goods or products, other than food and agricultural products, in this state” or retailer, defined as any individual or legal entity engaged in the business of making sales of a producer’s goods or products to the public” (T.C.A. 4-3-78). 

There are many ways you can proudly display your Made in Tennessee logo! You can display it on your products, your facility, your packaging or your website. You can email if you would like any technical assistance in this process.

A manufacturer registered to use the logo must receive approval before distributing any materials, to include flyers, handouts, ads, press releases, promotional materials, signs, or the like, which include the Made in Tennessee logo.

The Made in Tennessee program coordinator must be contacted before the releasing any said materials.

In order to be eligible for Made in Tennessee, you must be have a physical company location in Tennessee and have a NAICS code that begins with 31, 32 or 33. If you are interested in becoming a Made in Tennessee company and meet this criteria, please register your company HERE.


If any of the information on your page needs to be updated - that includes images - please email us at and we will update that information within 24 hours. We will contact you to confirm the updated. 

No! This program is offered at no cost to you. 

Food manufacturers (NAICS 311, 312) may not enroll as a Made in Tennesee company or use the logo on their products. UT Center for Industrial Services will connect food manufacturers with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture for inclusion in the Pick Tennessee website.

Yes! As long as your company has a physical facility within Tennessee and your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) classification clearly indicates that your company is a manufacturer (NAICS 31-33), you can enroll in Made in Tennessee.