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Quadriciser Corporation

Quadriciser Corporation

The Quadriciser is an Automated Therapy System that gently moves all four extremities through a smooth and functional range of motion, allowing multiple joints to be worked on all at the same time in one machine. The Quadriciser is suitable for stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Cerebral Palsy, and obesity patients. Available in seated, youth, and wheelchair models. Adult and pediatric.

Products/Services: QTS Adult; QTS Q-chair; QTS Wheelchair; QTS Child; QTS Child Plus; Included Accessories: foot wedges, gait wedge, grip assist gloves, pulse oximeter (with heart rate monitor); storage bag, tension cord, tools, an instruction manual that includes various therapeutic maneuvers.


Contact Name:  Larry Bohanan

Location: 6624 Central Avenue Pike, Knoxville, TN 37912

Phone Number:  (865) 689-5003

Contact Email: &

County: Knox