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Phenotype Screening Corporation

Phenotype Screening Corporation

Phenotype Screening Corporation was founded by Dan McDonald and Ron Michaels in 2004 to commercialize soft tissue X-ray technology to image plant root development non-destructively and at high resolution. They have since added automated root system architecture characterization software to their product offering and have expanded their services to include the imaging and characterization of other plant organs, insect and nematode pests and the comparative analysis of chemical and biological plant growth enhancers and stressors on root system development.

Phenotype Screening Corporation provides whole plant characterization services for agriculture, horticulture and environmental communities. Established in 2004 we serve an international clientele with customized facilities and equipment to assess genetic, environmental and treatment effects on plant health and development.


Contact Name:  Dan McDonald

Location: Suite 10 4028 Papermill Rd. Knoxville, TN 37909 USA

Phone Number: (865)694-9459

Contact Email:

County: Knox