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Nisus Corporation

Nisus has manufactured sustainable chemicals with superior performance and much cleaner environmental profiles than the products they are designed to replace since 1990. Nisus’ business segments include professional pest control, industrial wood protection, biocides for construction materials, agricultural micronutrients, and timber harvesting fungicides. Bora-Care® is a termiticide that is applied directly to wood, it remains in the wood providing long residual protection. QNAP® copper naphthenate is a heavy duty oil borne wood preservative used in railroad ties and for utility poles. It extends the life of treated wood and offers superior environmental profile compared to other oil-borne preservatives. QNAP is one of the fastest growing wood preservatives in the industry. Nisus serves the US, Canada and 8 other international countries.


Contact Name: Lee Barrett, President

Location: 100 Nisus Drive, Rockford, TN 37853

Phone Number: (865) 577-6119

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County: Blount