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LTA Projects

LTA Projects

LTA Projects was started in 2002 by airship and balloon designer Steve Garner. Before starting LTA, Steve designed remote control airships for the United States military, passenger-carrying airships for Disney, and advertising balloons for several Fortune 500 companies. In addition to continuing work on airships, LTA began to develop the inflated tower product. This project was intended to meet an important market of payload lifting needs that small blimps could not satisfy. The goal was to produce a solution that would be user-friendly, effective, safe, and would not require esoteric supplies like helium.

In 2011, LTA stopped making airships to focus on inflated towers and other projects. Originally designed with emergency management in mind, the towers are now used for everything from communications to area lighting for more than 30 industries from police departments to construction companies. LTA is involved in other projects too. For example, we are the sole provider of the balloon component of GATR’s inflatable SATCOM dishes and we developed iLugger, a product for safe and convenient transport of Apple’s iMac and monitors.


Contact Name:  Steve Garner

Location: 1605 Brown Ave, Cookeville, Tn 38501

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Phone Number: (877) 897-5158

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County: Putnam