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Lisega, Inc.

Lisega, Inc.

The LISEGA group of companies is the world’s leading specialist for industrial pipe support systems. The LISEGA product range of over 16,000 standardized items is the most comprehensive modular pipe support range worldwide that provides technical solutions for all typical industrial applications. The LISEGA product range consists of a software-supported modular system in which over 10,000 standardized components are arranged systematically for the whole field of pipe support technology. The special LISEGA software, the design of the components, and the benefits of the modular system ensure significant cost-savings for the users. The quality and application value of the products is widely recognized as being superior.


Contact Name:  Laura Sloan

Location: 370 East Dumplin Valley Road, Kodak,TN 37764,USA

Phone Number: (865)940-5200

Contact Email:

Grand Division: East Tennessee