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Kintronic Laboratories, Inc.

Kintronic Laboratories, Inc.

As the oldest continually operating AM antenna system provider in the U.S., the engineering and manufacturing staff at Kintronic Labs have learned through accumulated wisdom and experience to specify the most reliable and cost-effective communication solutions (…from initial concept to fully operational) for both broadcast and non-broadcast applications.  Kintronic Labs is a global leader in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of top-quality medium wave (AM) antenna systems.  This strong foundation in AM broadcast has enabled Kintronic Labs to expand its knowledge and expertise into the design and construction of RF systems to cover frequencies from VLF and LF (10-100kHz) all the way up to HF and FM Frequencies (3MHz – 110MHz), for a variety of applications including broadcast, industrial heating, over the horizon communications, 5G Telecoms, semiconductor manufacturing, and many more.  If you’re ready to discuss your custom antenna or RF system needs, learn more by clicking one of the areas above or contact us for a free quote or with your specific product or service question today.


Contact Name:  Joshua King

Location: 144 Pleasant Grove Rd, Bluff City, TN 37618

Phone Number:  (423) 878-3141

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County: Sullivan