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Industrial Electronics Services, Inc.

Industrial Electronics Services, Inc.

Founded in 1989, IES is a prominent, women-owned small business, a technology-based company offering design, manufacturing, and life cycle management services of electronic products for value-centric clients in the Military, Aerospace, Energy, Transportation, Medical, Communications, and Industrial markets.

No longer satisfied with products by themselves, our customers simply want more: involvement throughout every part of the process – research, development, production, packaging, distribution, and aftermarket support. Thanks to competences spanning our network, we make your vision a reality – with solutions. After all, when we share the expertise we also share success. Enhanced efficiency, innovative ideas, and sustainable services are at your fingertips.


Contact Name:  Tim Coleman

Location: 122 Kwickway Lane, Gray, TN 37615

Phone Number: 423-477-0118

Contact Email:

County: Washington