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GANM, LLC / Footbar®️ Walker

Individuals suffering from limited mobility due to a variety of medical issues often have trouble and need help standing from a seated position, or lowering into a seated position from standing. Being lifted under the arms can cause pain to both the patient and the caregiver.

The FOOTBAR® Walker changes this by allowing the caregiver to use a single foot to anchor the walker to the floor, using their body weight and features a sturdy bar across the top which the patient can grip while standing or sitting and the caregiver counter pulls with little effort or stress to their shoulders, back or health. Check out the -“Using the FOOTBAR® Walker” page for written instructions on how it works.


Contact Name: Nancy Moore Morris

Location: 130 Highway 69 N, Paris, TN 38242

Phone Number: (731) 924-4444

Contact Email:

County: Henry