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Evergreen UV LLC

Evergreen UV LLC

Evergreen UV manufactures Lumalier UVC air and surface disinfection products for the elimination and control of infectious pathogens that cause sickness and disease. We serve all industries, but specialize in UVC fixtures for hospitals /health care (improved patient outcomes and infection control); Schools / Universities for decreased absenteeism and increased performance; Commercial office for risk mitigation and occupant performance improvement; Correctional facilities for IAQ and risk mitigation.


Evergreen UV manufactures and installs Lumalier UVC fixtures for installation into one of three areas: In-duct UVC for facility-wide IAQ and energy efficiency; Installation into HVAC units eliminates biofilm on coils to provide facility-wide IAQ, coil cleaning, and energy efficiency. Upper-air UVC fixtures provide targeted airborne disinfection of high-risk areas. Portable UVC destroys surface biological contamination to help stop the spread of infection.

Manufacturing Processes:

Full-service metal fabrication and forming, including shearing, punching, breaking, and finishing of metal components used for manufacture, assembly and distribution of UVC pathogen-reduction fixtures.


Contact Name:  David Skelton

Location: 1931 Thomas Rd, Memphis, TN 38134

Phone Number: 901-800-1709

Contact Email:

County: Shelby