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Third Dimension Technologies, LLC

Third Dimension Technologies, LLC

Third Dimension Technologies (TDT) produces true 3D projection displays for use in training simulators, mission control centers, immersive environments, complex data analysis workstations, and multi-user visualization systems. TDT’s patented Angular Slice 3D Display technology requires no special glasses, head-gear, or eye-tracking to perceive depth in high-resolution, dynamic 3D imagery from multiple viewing perspectives. The 3D synthetic holography displays aide in the interpretation of visual information, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing cognition. 3D display systems are custom configured for desktop, kiosk, conference room, and theater-sized applications.


Contact Name:  Paul Jones

Location: 11020 Solway School Rd., Suite 104 Knoxville, TN 37931-2052

Phone Number: (888)838-8174

Contact Email:

County: Knox