SureBuilt Metals and Manufacturing

SureBuilt Metals and Manufacturing

We run a heavy Duty Metal Fabrication and Galvanizing Facility.
We manufacture scaffolding, shoring, steel tubing, tubular fence and gate
systems and we do fabrication work for other smaller fabricators and
manufacturers. We have an in-house galvanizing plant.

We are a heavy duty metal fabrication shop that caters to larger orders. We
service the construction, power and utility industries and the farm, ranch,
equine stable and agriculture industries. We also contract with smaller
manufacturers and metal fabrication shops that require the capacities of our
larger machines and our galvanizing facilities. We manufacture scaffold, 10K
shoring, steel tubing and tubular fence and gate systems. We sell CR, HR,
HR-PO, and HR black and pre-galvanized tubing in bulk with lengths between 5'
and 26', round, square and rectangular. We run two 400 ton presses, laser
cutters, a 40' oxy plasma burning table, 12-head automatic welders, 20
station roll forming machines and roll threading machines. Our in house
galvanizing kettle is 18' x 5' x 9', but we can hot dip galvanize to lengths
considerably longer than 18' by double dipping. We also offer spin coating on
small items up to 36" length and between 1 and 15 pounds. We use only special
high grade zinc (SHG). On staff we employee AGA certified master galvanizers
and AGA certified master inspectors. With our turnkey operation we can
provide products from raw materials to post galvanizing assembly. With no
shipping costs between processes (as in a metal fab shop that has to send
their galvanizing out) - dealing with us saves considerable money.

Our motto is: "Give us an opportunity to bid on your scaffold, shoring, steel
tubing, tubular fencing, metal fabrication, hot dip galvanizing needs and
we'll do our best to make it worthwhile for you to buy American."

Stamping, punching, laser cutting, plasma cutting, oxy fuel cutting, roll
threading, roll forming, welding, robotic welding, galvanizing,
Capacities as follows:
400 ton presses with servo feeds to 3/8"
Laser Cutting to 1/2" thickness
Plasma Cutting to 2" thickness
Oxy Fuel Cutting to over 2" thickness
Steel Tubing 3/4" to 3" diameter
Roll Threading 1" - 3" capacity
Press Brakes - 350 ton capacity 13'L
Galvanizing Kettle 18' x 5' x 9" with the capacity to galvanize considerably
longer pieces through double dipping
Spin or Centrifuge Galvanizing to 36"  or 1 - 15 pounds

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