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Bleu Forged Skillet

Bleu Forged Skillet

Our French-inspired carbon steel skillet is the result of wanting the perfect pan for the perfect steak & egg and lots more. The first taste told us we had designed a winning carbon steel skillet, thus began our French-inspired Bleu Forged Skillet pan and gratin baker. They are beautifully balanced, cook food to perfection, and made to last for generations. Each Bleu Forged Skillet is proudly crafted by Mitty's Metal Art, Inc.


- French-inspired cookware that provides extra depth with a balanced handle long enough for easy tossing food when cooking
- Comes in 8", 9", 10", 13" sizes, but our products can be made to order
- Use it on any stovetop, grill, or open flame; it can take any amount of heat you dish out


Contact Name: Ryan Schmidt

Location: 519 Lynn Avenue, 
Cumberland Gap, TN 37724

Phone Number: (423) 441-8230

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Grand Division: East